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Would anyone put gas in their body? Then why would you put a gas byproduct on your skin? Whatever we put on our skin goes into our blood stream.

We are at an age where we are careful about eating organic and drinking fresh clean filtered water. Why not take it to the next step? We also need to be mindful of what we allow to seep through our pores, into our blood stream, and through our livers.


Wise Gals uses organic and/or sustainable wild crafted plant life. We don’t sell what we don’t use every day as well as provide for our family and friends.

Our herb oil is handmade by infusing organic herbs and plant life with the best oil suited for the outcome. If we use EVOO, we use first expeller cold pressed, etc.etc. We let it age to extract the most plant constituents possible. We use essential oils to work on your skin at the cellular level, thus really giving your skin the food it needs.

We use hydrosols or distillants in place of just water as most others do. Feed your skin daily as you would your body. You will see the difference. Healthy products along with a healthy life style will allow you to look as good as you feel. Don’t have a sluggish life style or dull dead skin.

Good health is a part of our heritage, let's get it back!

Diana Davidson

Christy Chase

P.S. We feel it is our right and responsibility to help our sisters and brothers feed their body, mind, and soul, naturally. Harmful chemicals take away not add! With your help we can add to the movement to save our mother earth, one product at a time, one healthy body at a time. Participate; Recycle, Reuse, Renew

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